20 Times Pizza Brought Out The Absolute Best In Everyone

1. When these four dudes pulled a ninja move on this pizza delivery guy:


2. When this girl used pizza to save her mom’s life:

3. When these people came up with this genius snack:

4. When it made this person become a master at recycling:

5. When pizza put a little more math in your life:

6. When this cat was able to feel something real and loving:

7. When this pizza delivery boy came up with his best material:

8. When this pizza place was able to instantly make you feel grateful for what you have:

9. When it gave this squirrel the motivation to dream big:

10. When reheating a little slice of heaven led to this awesome smack down:

11. When we realized that pizza gives people a sense of urgency:

12. When this cheese and pepperoni goodness brought out the best in these fries:

13. When this Domino’s was able to stand up for itself:

14. When it gave this pizza delivery boy the opportunity to really get creative:

15. When it even brought out the best in Google:

16. When it allowed Wu-Tang to represent:

17. When it took dick jokes to the next level:

18. When it allowed someone to take their trolling to the next level:

19. When it really helped out this Domino’s franchise’s self-esteem:

20. When pizza was able to fix the broken fifth Olympic ring:


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