How To Convince Your Buzzkill Boyfriend To Get In The Halloween Spirit

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What do you do if you LOVE Halloween,but all your boyfriend wants to do is stay in and avoid the holiday altogether?

Obviously, you dont need him to have a good time. Your friends have a fun plan lined up, you already have a costume picked out and you literally CANT WAIT.

Your boyfriend, on the other hand? Well, he wants nothing to do with any of it.

You guys have been dating for years, and Halloween has never been his thing. Usually, you try to let it go. But this year, youre sick ofhim raining on your Halloween parade.

Its not even like hes actively doing anything to ruin your Halloween; its just that his absence on one of the most fun days of your year feels wrong.

The fact of the matter is, you love him. And it bums you out that you cant share this awesome day with someone youlove.

Just the thought of him sitting there doing nothing while youre out having the time of your life makes you sad.

So, how do you convince him to stop being such a DOWNER and start having fun?Ive got you covered, girlfriend.

Come up with a plan of activities you know hell enjoy.

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