I love Jimmy Kimmel

I love Jimmy Kimmel

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18 Responses to “I love Jimmy Kimmel”

  1. Kavian says:

    Kimmel raped it.

  2. jusper10 says:

    You can tell this is fake because the rest of the Lakers aren’t on his back

  3. jchawks08 says:

    Ha I watched this one live. This was a few weeks ago. +1 for Kimmel and Kobe.

  4. sotiredsoverytired says:

    Just go ahead and report them, deletes it out of the comments

  5. Kekemanov says:

    spammer with new tactics

  6. PurpleJesus says:

    No, he’d tell Dwight Howard to man up and go to North Korea, then think of reasons why he can’t do it himself

  7. chhdude says:


  8. dsa8908 says:

    I bet Lebron has that passive aggressive fuck you smile going on after this

  9. everyonesmom says:

    I find it adorable.

  10. letsfoolgravity says:

    Yeah. I’d rather pass a kidney stone than have cake with Kim Jong Un.

  11. calvinthecat says:

    +1 for you.

  12. calvinthecat says:

    If Clips make it to the post season and Lakers do not, I don’t know what I would do.

  13. chhdude says:

    badum tiss

  14. explicit815 says:

    …and burn…

  15. babababirdbirdbird says:

    she got me….

  16. TurkNJD says:

    for your wittiness http://imgur.com/n61IY

  17. philkizer says:


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